Titiksha Junior



It’s never a dull day at TITIKSHA JUNIORS We mix learning and playing. Our Educarers consistently and lovingly provide an active environment for learning. We believe that a person’s formative years start at a very young age and that is why we strive to immerse children in a positive and productive learning environment to bring out the best of their creative potential. We create a uniquely different environment which helps children grow and develop their life skills. Our educarers are trained professionals who encourage a child’s creativity and foster self awareness and help them to understand the world around them. We understand that every child is different and has different needs and potentials. Our educarers identify those and cater to the individual needs, by creating an academic structure that fits individual needs and potentials. We at TITIKSHA JUNIORS make education a fun learning experience. We nurture a child to become a responsible citizen and inculcate love for our Motherland. Our aim is to create leaders that can make the world a better place.