Titiksha Junior


From Class- 1 to Class-5 Age-group- +5 yrs and onwards Timings- 8 am to 1:40 pm (Mon to Fri)

Class 1 to class 5

The goal of the Primary years program is to lay a strong educational foundation. It is broadly based & takes into account the fact that each one enters formal education with different levels of readiness. The curriculum is planned to develop in the students a respect & love for learning, while giving them the strong basic skills, which they will need to continue their education Emphasis land on building up language skills in English. Through projects & by earning with hand, heart & head the pupils will develop all aspects of their personality. There are child centered activities wherein the concepts are introduced taking prior knowledge and discussion related the same with students. The concepts are well explained via audio visual also. Role play also enhances deeper learning. Role play enhances deeper learning in order to develop critical thinking. At Primary level, the focus is on the development of oral as well as written expression, creative writing, critical thinking and mathematical skills.