Titiksha Junior




Welcome to Titiksha Juniors! We firmly believe that parents have all the power to nurture happy and successful children.Infact,the future of any nation depends upon the fact,how we raise our children.
The early years of a child’s life constitutes the most significant period in life because this is the stage when a sound foundation is laid for the overall development of the individual.
Dear Parents,the pre school age is the most impressionable age in one’s life.We know how to aid the development of our tiny tots.
Our state of-the-art facility is staffed by experienced faculty,leading children in appropriate activities to enable them to explore their world and develop to their fullest potential in safe loving atmosphere.
As parents you have entrusted to us the most precious part of you,we acknowledge the responsibility and are committed to working towards our goal.
Ms. Micky Gupta



Welcome to Titiksha Juniors!We firmly believe that parents have all the power to
nurture happy and successful

Dear Parents

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you that Titiksha Juniors has carved a
niche for being progressive and distinctively unique in terms of holistic
development of children in its true sense. It is such a joy to see each child bloom,
each one with a different hue, a different fragrance, a different personal and yet
so very significant and special in his/her own right. .

The environment of the school is conducive to child centric learning – ‘learning by
doing’. The school has an inclusive, progressive and open approach and its own style
of functioning. All the teachers are young, enthusiastic, qualified and committed to
the welfare of children. The teachers do not merely teach, they TOUCH lives.

With the collective efforts of the students, staff and parents and the support of
the management of the school, TITIKSHA JUNIORS will steadily achieve its
cherished goals

Together, we can make a difference……..

With Regards,